The Recursion Theorem kicked off the Columbia Film Festival on Friday…literally. It was the first film in the first screening block, on the first night of the festival’s inaugural year. It’s quite an honor to be the first film ever to screen at a festival…especially one that, based on the long-running success of its parent organization the Columbia Festival of the Arts, I have no doubt will go on to become one of the more high-profile festivals in the Mid-Atlantic region in the coming years.

Having not seen the film prior to the screening, I was nervous and excited. The film was excellent! Ben and Rick and the team did an amazing job with the edit. The set that Emerald Ong designed is so ominous, and really takes on a life of its own and becomes a character in the film.

The crowd reaction was great and the reception that the performance received was overwhelming.

Best ActorThe Recursion Theorem took home a Silver Audience Award from the festival, and I was awarded the Columbia Film Festival’s Best Actor award for my role in Recursion. It’s a huge honor, and great recognition of the work that so many people put into this film.