The Recursion Theorem received its first review since being released, and it’s a great one! Molly Henery, a.k.a. “The Blogging Banshee,” loved the film, giving it a 5 out of 5 rating and some high praise!

“The Recursion Theorem is a masterful descent into madness that will bring you back to the Twilight Zone era…The film has a fascinating story, is insanely well acted, and is very pleasing to the eye. 5/5”


You can read the full review here. And be sure to check out Molly’s other reviews (including her review of The Night Watchmen!) She has a great blog and voice, and is a true fan of films – and independent filmmakers, in particular. It’s always refreshing to read reviews by people who genuinely love films and aren’t just looking for opportunities to drop internet-snark on someone’s work. Thank you Molly!