The trailer for The Night Watchmen hit the web today…and within a few hours, it kind of blew up! The link to the trailer on Director, Mitchell Altieri’s Vimeo page was initially published by Deadline. Within hours it had been picked up by entertainment sites and horror blogs in the US and internationally, including and!

The production team is working to land distribution for the film. Stay tuned. You can follow The Night Watchmen on Twitter, Facebook, and the web for updates.

Be warned, this should be a red-band trailer, definitely NSFW. Other than a quick glimpse yelling at a coworker in a hallway, you won’t catch me in this trailer.

THE NIGHTWATCHMEN teaser trailer from Mitchell Altieri on Vimeo.

In addition to the trailer, The Night Watchmen has a new official poster.


TNW Poster 1